Our Heritage

The AsureQuality story started out over 100 years ago when we were part of the New Zealand government’s Department of Agriculture. Our job back then was to provide farmers with expert scientific advice to improve both the quality and quantity of their production.

As these customers also wanted to export their food products, we fast became experts in understanding market access standards.

We worked alongside our customers in the food and agricultural sectors to ensure their products met both domestic and overseas market access requirements, and we continue to do this today for customers all over the world.

In 1998 the part of the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry we worked for was replaced by two state-owned enterprises (or S.O.Es), AgriQuality and ASURE, which merged in 2007 to form AsureQuality. Being an SOE means that we are still owned by the New Zealand government, but we operate as a commercial business.

Our Vision - Global Experts in Food Assurance

Our Purpose - Together we Build & Protect Consumer Confidence

AsureQuality Today

AsureQuality plays a vital role in making sure the food our customers produce is safe for millions of people worldwide.

We are unique in our end to end focus on the food supply chain through a combination of auditing, inspection, farm assurance, and laboratory testing capabilities.

Our team has specialist quality assurance knowledge and an extensive range of domestic and international accreditations and approvals.

This makes us the trusted partner for food companies serious about their brand and their reputation.

There are six key parts to our business:

In summary, we ensure that the food people eat is safe right along the food supply chain, from the farm where it is grown, all the way to the supermarket shelf.

Health & Safety

AsureQuality is committed to Health & Safety at every level of our organisation. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and visiting members of the public and adhere to all relevant legislation, codes of practice and safe operating procedures.

Health & Safety Policy PDF (80 KB)

ACC Tertiary Accreditation PDF (64 KB)

AsureQuality Values

The AsureQuality Values are core to how we operate as a company. Our people pride themselves on living these Values every day.

Exceed Expectations

We delight in exceeding our customer’s expectations and creating long lasting partnerships.

Stronger Together

We partner with our customers to build and protect consumer confidence.

Do the Right Thing

Trust is at the core of food safety. With government ownership, and over 100 years’ experience in the food safety business, we can be trusted to deliver independent, expert services.

Take the Lead

As the needs of industry change, we work with our customers to find innovative new solutions that ensure the highest standards of protection for their end consumers.

And just so you know. Our Values came to be after the whole company was involved in a search to find what works well at AsureQuality and then do more of it. The quotes you see in this video are what people really said.

AsureQuality Values Video