Farm Assurance

To ensure consumer’s confidence we act as the independent auditor for a number of farm assurance audits for meat, wool and dairy companies.

All audits are carried out by our trained auditors to ensure high standards are maintained to meet the company’s market access requirements.

As a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) some of these audits are recognised to ISO/IEC 17065.

AsureQuality ensures that its farmers' everyday farm practices meet the required assurance programme or company standards.

Dairy Farm Assessment

We are contracted to a number of Dairy Companies to provide annual Farm Dairy Assessments to ensure farmers meet the required standards to supply quality milk in New Zealand and Australia.

As part of working with the Dairy Companies we provide the following services to farmers:

  • Farm Dairy Approvals
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Suspect Milk Testing
  • Milk Grade Tracebacks
  • Milk Cooling Validation.

Additional Services provided to support the dairy industry are:

  • DDT Soil Sampling and Testing predominantly required for South Island dairy conversions or dairy grazing
  • Independent Milking Machine Efficiency Testing by an NZMPTA approved tester.