All dairy businesses must meet legal requirements, which ensure their dairy products are safe and suitable for human consumption. Legislation that sets out the requirements for dairy manufacturers includes the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999 (external link) and the Animal Products (Dairy) Regulations 2005 (external link) .

This means that you must operate using one of the following:

  • Food Safety Programme (FSP)
  • Risk Management Programme( RMP).

As a Recognised Agency (RA) AsureQuality can evaluate & verify your RMP. We can also certify your FSP.

Recognised Agency (RA) Services

In New Zealand AsureQuality is a Dairy Recognised Agency (RA) under the Animal Products Act (APA). We act on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) making decisions on compliance for dairy manufacturing and storage facilities.

  • A Risk Management Programme (RMP) Evaluation ensures that the RMP, associated procedures and export requirements are complete and if complied with will deliver the specific outcomes.
  • We conduct Premises Evaluation - these are engineering assessments for new premises and equipment or following significant changes effecting buildings, plant and equipment.
  • Heat Treatment Evaluation - we carry out engineering evaluations for new or significantly changed heat treatment equipment. We are also experts in ongoing operational checks for heat treatment equipment.
  • RMP Verification Audit - these are conducted to observe evidence that the RMP procedures and export requirements have been implemented and are delivering the documented outcomes.

For more information and the RMP templates available visit the MPI website (external link)

AsureQuality forms

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