Our team of Engineers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Dairy and Food industry.

Engineering services are available both as required under the APA (Recognised Persons), and for non-regulatory services.

Under the APA, RMP’s require Heat Treatment &/or Premises Evaluations prior to registration and following significant amendments, unless registered using a RMP template.

Premises Evaluation

We carry out engineering evaluations for new premises and equipment or following significant changes effecting buildings, plant and equipment.

Heat Treatment


We are experts in ongoing operational checks for Heat Treatment equipment & can perform Validations on new or significantly changed Heat Treatment equipment.


We carry out Heat Treatment Evaluations for new or significantly changed Heat Treatment Plans/Equipment.

AsureQuality forms

Service Request Form Word Doc (135 KB)

Plant Change Form Word Doc (145 KB)

Scope and Nature of Works Request Word Doc (150 KB)