Introduction to Dairy Legislation, RMPs and Operat

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Course Duration: 1 day

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Course overview
This course will give attendees an
overview of the legislation that applies
to dairy operators in New Zealand, and
an introduction to Risk Management
Programmes as operated by the New
Zealand dairy industry. It also gives
attendees an insight into internal
verification requirements for a RMP.
What is covered?
·· How food and animal product is
regulated in New Zealand
·· The legislative framework that dairy
operators must comply with in New
·· What is a Risk Management Programme
·· What legislation applies to RMPs?
·· Who needs to have a RMP?
·· Components of a RMP
·· How an Operator goes about developing
and registering a RMP
·· Operating a RMP
·· The offences and penalties under the
·· What is operator verification
·· What legislation applies to operator
·· Types, expected frequencies and
reporting requirements for operator
verification activities
·· The external verification requirements for
operator verification.
Who should attend?
·· All operators who work within the dairy
·· Factory managers
·· Plant managers
·· Anyone involved with operator verification
Key benefits
·· Understanding the purpose, hierarchy
and structure of the legislation in relation
to dairy operations
·· Understand the roles and responsibilities
in terms of governance and application
of the legislation
·· Broadly understand what is included in
an RMP; i.e. have an appreciation of the
industry norm, and depth of industry
·· Awareness of required operator
verification activities - what they entail
and associated records
No Unit Standards

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