Introductory Pest Control

This course is only available to domestic students

Course Duration: 1 day

Pricing: $395.00 + GST per person & disbursements

Course overview
This course is designed to meet the needs
of your industry and Ministry for Primary
Industries (MPI) requirements. Individuals
will learn vermin types, breeding cycles,
habitats, integrated pest management and
health and safety requirements.
‘This course has helped our staff to identify
damage caused by different species of
pests’ Anonymous
What is covered?
· Pest types, breeding cycles and habitats
· Integrated pest management
· Health and safety requirements
Who should attend?
· Technical staff
· Quality control and/or quality assurance
staff (QA/QC)
· Anyone involved in pest control on plant
Key benefits
· Learn about vermin control and the
auditing of on plant Vermin Control
· Demonstrate an awareness of pest
control to MPI and customers and instil
· Demonstrate knowledge of Integrated
Pest Management (IPM)
· Application methods for treatments are
identified in terms of safety requirements
Participants need to complete a vermin
control check, preferably prior to the
Unit Standard 19335 - Monitor Pest
Management in the Dairy industry (level 3)
(6 credits). Completed on the course.

Note: Currently this course is only available to domestic students. Please contact us if you are not a domestic student and would like to register your interest in this course.

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Delivered In-House Only

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