We know you want to get on with business, so we make the quick delivery of shipments from your door to our laboratories a priority to ensure sample integrity and rapid turn around times.

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That way, we can ensure you get the tests you need, on time and for the best value.

Inhouse logistics expertise

Our qualified in-house logistics team are experts in international and domestic freight movements, sample tracking processes and importation regulations.

We can ensure that the right transportation is used to reduce delays, and that we have up-to-date information on the progress of shipments.

Useful sample submission forms

Commercial / proforma invoices

Sample submission & Import permits

Melbourne Residues - now trading as DTS

FMD Attestation Word Doc (30 KB)

A declaration that the products you are shipping are FMD free, either by nature (from FMD free sources) or by treatment. Fill out any relevant fields relating to your shipment, you can list the samples in groups based on type of treatment, so there is no need to list every individual sample. A completed copy of this must be attached to all shipments.

Shipping Invoice Excel Doc (28 KB)

Any style of shipping invoice is acceptable - a completed copy of a shipping invoice must be attached to all shipments.

For environmental samples being shipped to us, you only need to attach the FMD attestation, for milk powders (sweepings). On the shipping invoice for any environmental samples, please use the HS codes that best matched your samples. e.g. for swab samples - HS code 6307, for milk powder sweeping - HS code 0402.