As the global food supply chain becomes increasingly complex, consumer preferences are evolving and shoppers are now seeking products with attributes that satisfy their specific needs and concerns. Depending on the sector and consumer type, these areas of interests range from food safety practices, animal welfare, ingredients source, sustainability and processing.

AsureQuality offers a range of consumer facing front-of-pack (FOP) marks that provide the trusted independent assurances consumers seek. These are available under two categories:

AQ Assured Transparency Programme

AQ Assured Transparency Programme is designed to provide consumers with trusted end-to-end supply chain information about the products they are about to buy. When consumers see a product with the AQ Assured™ Transparency mark on a supermarket shelf, they can scan the QR code and view the checks along its supply chain. Our expert review of the farm-to-fork processes provides verified information that is categorized into key attributes, making it easy for shoppers to navigate and understand.

Note: AQ Assured replaces the inSight brand currently used by our key partners. AQ Assured began appearing on products in December 2017, with the new look consumer site available soon.

Visit the AQ Assured website (external link)

AQ Certified

AQ Certified Marks are claim-specific certifications tailored to meet the consumer needs of each food sector. These marks are typically supported by JAS-ANZ accreditation and can be displayed on packaging to help shoppers clearly identify the special attributes of products.

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Animal Welfare Mark

The AQ Certified Animal Welfare Mark provides consumers with confidence that the products displaying the Mark come from farms that follow a high standard of animal welfare practices that exceed the minimum requirements for animal welfare in New Zealand.

To achieve the AQ Certified Animal Welfare Mark, a producer must show that it consistently satisfies the requirements of the AsureQuality Animal Welfare (Meat Chicken and Turkey) Standard.

The Standard was developed in a response to the industry’s need for a robust, rigorous animal welfare certification programme. It covers all meat chicken and turkey farming systems in New Zealand, including barn and free-range. The Standard is the first in New Zealand to achieve independent JAS-ANZ  (external link) approval elevating it to internationally recognised certification.

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